Make Team Building and Incentives Great Again…!

The introPROTECT team were set and smashed their targets in Q4 2018, the upshot being a team trip to Prague for the weekend. Yes, this blog post is an unapologetic #HumbleBrag.


If you’re cringing at the thought of a Crystal Maze style weekend with your work colleagues or find yourself allergic to “forced fun”, team building and leisure incentives may sound more like a punishment rather than a reward.


Alison Green, creator of the workplace advice column, ‘Ask the Manager’, provides some spectacular team building fail stories in her piece for BBC News, hearing from someone who “described a team-building exercise where she and her co-workers had to spit soda into each other's mouths… and another was made to watch videos about the leadership skills of dolphins.” These are pretty baffling examples of how to bring a team together to improve relationships and office morale and (we can hope) are rare cases.


What is refreshing about incentive trips is that the “team bonding” and the “morale lifting” happens mysteriously in the background with no need for matching jumpsuits and intensely competitive games of giant Jenga!


Leisure activities with your work colleagues can be just that - leisurely. No pressure, no elaborate set ups; just time outside of the office… of course it was no bad thing that this was in a beautiful city with an abundance of good places to eat and drink! But the majority of the bonding was probably done over an agreed dislike of a particularly slow and overly long ghost walk.


Who knows where the next one will take us. Any suggestions…?