Why Recruiters Deserve to be Paid

There really are people out there who believe recruiters don’t deserve their fees! Anyone following what we do at introPROTECT will know that’s certainly not how we feel! In this quick blog post we tackle some common misconceptions about recruiters and the recruitment industry and why (like anyone) if they’ve done their job, they deserve to be paid...Recruiters just sort through CVs for a living.

– If this were true, clients would all do their own recruitment; right? The truth is, good recruiters put in the hard yards by knowing their market vertical inside out, consulting clients and candidates alike on the best moves and people. They have an unrivalled access to talent at speeds beyond any hiring client and are well versed in the potential hiccups along the recruitment process and how to solve them.

Everyone knows recruiters are target driven, so they force candidates into jobs that don’t fit.

– You wouldn’t last long as a recruiter if you placed candidates just to hit targets, but none of them lasted in the job. It’s in no one’s interest to push a job seeker into a job that doesn’t suit them, least of all the recruiter – who will find themselves facing the wrath of clients and candidates alike if their placements don’t stick. Besides, never heard of a fee rebate?

They don’t know anything about the roles they are recruiting for.

– It would be pretty tricky to find suitable candidates for a role without knowing anything about their market! Recruiters know that understanding their client’s businesses, industries and needs first is the best way to begin the search for candidates, so they prepare accordingly. If you really think your recruiter has no clue about the role – get them up to speed or choose a new recruiter!

Recruiters don’t communicate.

– Communication is so important in this industry, a recruiter should be providing feedback to their clients and their candidates throughout the recruitment process and if you feel this is lacking, well, then er, communicate that back to your recruiter.

If you’re using a recruiter and feel they don’t deserve their fee, don’t just dodge it with a backdoor hire – be open with them, tell them how you feel. Improving your relationship, working with them, not against them, will ensure they are finding you suitable candidates and communicating confidently with you.