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Stay a step ahead of lost fees

Protecting the middle

72% of recruiters feel they are not equipped to identify or recover lost fees

UK agencies lost £140,000 of introduction fees each day

The average agency loses between 4 - 7% of income from backdoor hires

Prevent backdoor hires

The best way to tackle clients that avoid introduction fees is to safeguard every engagement with the best practices and terms that make them legally watertight.

We supply new terms, or turn your existing terms of business, into a legal safehouse that secures your future engagements from the start. We’ll consult you on improving your recruitment processes to include meeting your obligations under client terms and RPO or MSP portals.

Disputed hands pointing

Detect unpaid recruitment fees

You only know the missing fee that you see. Identifying when your client has made a backdoor hire without notifying you can be hard to catch. You may anticipate it or spot it months later, but with the volume of candidates and vacancies there will be cases that go completely unchecked.  

We’ve invested in building leading detection software that proactively alerts when your client has backdoored you so that you’re protected from backdooring. 

It provides the reassurance and safeguards that your clients aren’t backdooring you and can be leveraged as a revenue generator for uncovering missing fees.

Recover losses

We know every corner of the recruitment landscape and the fastest way to get you paid. We are able to take claims from the initial enquiry through to court proceedings and enforcing judgement.

Whether we’re coaching and advising you in the background or directly driving the dealings with your clients, court, and enforcement – we’ll get you paid at speed.


In eight years we’ve only ever lost one case. That’s over 500 cases that we’ve secured a desirable outcome for. Ninety percent of those disputes we resolve before trial and agencies generate £54,000 on average each year from partnering with us. We give you peace of mind, we keep you protected, and we get you paid.

1. Experts in recruitment

We specialise in backdoor hires and fee disputes. It’s what we’ve done, week in week out, for decades and we know this corner of the law better than anyone.

2. Recover lost revenue

Accelerate your team’s topline performance by recovering lost fees that should have been awarded to them in the first place.

3. No Win, no fee

We don’t charge upfront fees or fixed costs and only get paid when you get paid. It means zero exposure for your business. If you win you secure money you didn’t have and if you don’t you’re no worse off.

4. Regifted time and effort

Time is critically valuable in recruitment. We allow you to stay focused on filling jobs and dealing with clients that actually pay, while we handle everything in recovering fees from those that don’t.

5. Exclusive end-to-end service

It means we can support you seamlessly at every stage of the process without delay, and that we’re better armed with the knowledge of what’s happened before and what’s required next.

6. Navigating the recruitment tightrope

Negotiating fee disputes is often a balancing act. Knowing when and how to apply pressure and when to play nice. When you’ve been backdoored it’s easy to act rashly but this generally just entrenches clients. We keep an open mind throughout, but most importantly, we remain focused on achieving the best outcome for you.

Charlotte Doherty, Co-founder, Dualta Doherty & Partner

“The entire team is one word – AWESOME! They always provide a superior service, work diligently, efficiently, and secure the results they say they will.”

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