Our Guarantee of Your Recruitment Fees

We built a dedicated service backed by technology to keep your fees protected at all times

Barry Cullen

Director & Solicitor 

Solicitor, specialist in recruitment, and our founder. With over 20 years in the recruitment industry – now as solicitor and previously as a coal face recruiter and agency owner – Barry has a holistic understanding of the industry, its key players and the pressures affecting them.

Preventing and successfully resolving backdoor hire, rebates and other introduction fee disputes is where Barry really thrives. Whether advising in the background, brokering a deal directly with end clients or enforcing through the courts, Barry’s focus is on getting the best overall outcome for clients, whether by way of payment, guaranteed future business or both.

Tallulah comes from a background of comms having worked in PR and marketing for the last 15 years. She moved over to run the firm with Barry at the beginning of 2020 and has since taken over all operational aspects of the business and successfully implemented the recLAW launch in April 2021.

Tallulah Cullen

Director of Operations & Communications

Joshua Baxendale


Joshua Baxendale is a civil litigation solicitor who works with Barry Cullen on our cases. 

He qualified in 2015 at a firm in Brighton. In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike very slowly up hills.

Sharleen is a Chartered Legal Executive and has worked in Law for over 25 years. Sharleen qualified as a Legal Executive in 2008 and has covered multiple areas of law but her main love has always been litigation.

Sharleen joined the firm in October 2020 and immediately found herself at home in the recruitment industry because she has a competitive streak and loves to win.

Sharleen Budd

Legal Executive

Olga Wierzchowska


Olga is a paralegal at recLAW. She got her law degree in 2018 and worked as a recruiter for a technical recruitment company before joining Barry and the team in May 2019. Her understanding of recruitment industry inside and out is what we are about. This expertise helps not only connect with recruiters better but makes us stand out from other legal teams. Olga works closely with our lawyers to ensure the processes run smoothly and that stuff gets done. She is a problem-solver. 

Outside of working she is a keen learner and currently studying her way through the Legal Practice Course.

Matt is a paralegal at recLAW and joined the firm in April 2021. Previous to this he worked as a paralegal at a corporate and commercial law firm and has also volunteered at an employment law clinic during his time at university.

He has accrued a range of experience and understanding of various legal areas and his expertise helps us strive to achieve the goals of our clients. He works closely with our lawyers to ensure your case progresses efficiently and successfully.

Matt Moorton